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Just Friends

Ok ladies! Have you ever met a guy and you both hit it off from jump? He’s attractive, has conversation, good looking, etc etc. He basically has great potential to be your next beau. Then he hits you with the infamous line, “I’m not looking for a relationship I just want to be friends at this point.” Now don’t get me wrong of someone tells you this, you pretty much have to respect it. Even respect them for being honest. However, if they tell you this and continue to sweet talk you, and expect more out of you that’s beyond a friendship is where I have a problem! I personally have fallen victim to this misleading scheme. I just don’t understand why put in all the work just to be able to sleep with someone. Why lead someone on? Men do it all the time, but it is up to us to decipher the difference between sincerity games! I can’t figure men out, but I know myself! No more going the extra mile if someone isn’t trying to give you a title other than friends. It isn’t fair yourself! Know you’re worth! Don’t settle! 😘

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